17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (2023)

Regardless of your business size, staying organized and keeping on top of tasks is vital to your success moving forward. So what’s an easy way to stay on task and track your time, projects and staff?

Enter the project management platform, a range of software options, and tools that can help you and your team stay focused and have easy access to task lists.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of not prioritizing project management software to their own detriment. The majority of businesses use some form of project management tools in their company.

Using a project management system can help with your team’s time management, aid in file sharing, time tracking, managing work, and being your primary collaboration software.

Think of these project management platforms as a high functioning to-do list, with a ton of features that can help with your online project management and productivity. Tools like these have become even more prevalent in 2022 and beyond due to the increase in remote teams and work.

What is the Best Project Management Software 2022?

There are a lot of different tools on the market, but below are some of my favorites for the best project management software available in 2022.

In this guide we’ll take a look at some of the best project management software on the market, doing a quick review and overview of each of these 16 tools.

While managing a project you might often have to juggle several different things. This can include employees and their requirements. So consider using one of the software on this list in tandem with factoHR, a great HR Software, to make sure you have control over all the possible complications that could arise. Management is still a bit of an art but with the right software, you should have no problem at all getting things to work smoothly. It all depends on making sure you have the right tools.

1. Hive

One of the best project management software tools available, that is great for collaboration, real-time managing projects and project spends, automating workflow, and tracking progress.

With four major ways to view your work and tasks, it is incredibly user-friendly, with Gantt charts, Kanban, calendar and table views.

Hive analytics helps you monitor your team and projects effortlessly, in a way a lot of project management software tools do not. Tracking team members and metrics such as overdue actions, individual work, and most productive days of the week.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (1)

Best Features

  • Analytics are really useful and provide detailed insight
  • Comments and notes on the tasks help micro-communications
  • Track sheets help with real-time tracking
  • Up to 5 external users per account can be invited to collaborate (this could be clients, freelancers, or interested parties)
  • Hive chat and Slack integration make communication easier
  • Alerts are sent when a task is sent to another member
Free trial availableCharged per user/month so can become expensive for larger organizations
The demo can help you get more comfortable with the project management softwareDoesn’t have a free option
The mobile app works with all major platformsThe base plan requires extra paid features for varying price points
Advanced security measures to protect you and your team members
Exclusive discounts for non-profit organizations


Hive has two different options, the base plan at $12 per user/month and the enterprise package which is a quote-based plan including all add-ons and features.

Therefore, the enterprise package can work out a better deal depending on the features you are looking at getting.

Individuals and small teams can. However, use the software free of cost.

2. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software and team collaboration platform that utilizes a multi-pane UI and has a wide variety of project management features.

The ability to track employee availability, check up on ‘at-risk’ projects and tasks and team communication make it one of the best project management software tools in the SaaS industry.

Wrike’s customizable team sprint dashboards allow team members to view active, new, and completed tasks and projects in one area.

It is available in multiple languages and offers a lot of functionality for all users from small businesses to large organizations.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (2)

Best Features

  • Easy to set priorities
  • Drag and drop editor makes it easy to use from the get-go
  • Advanced analytics and data insights
  • User friendly and very visual
  • Email integration and a wide range of different tools from CRM apps to Google Docs
  • Simplify business planning with Dynamic Request Forms (DRF)
Around the clock support via email, live chat, and phoneThere is no free option available
Reliable and secure protocols for security and protectionPrices are charged per user on the two main plans
Build-in tools that help your project management in a range of waysThe free trial is only for up to 5 users
Has automation features
Encompasses a lot of different applications into one project management platform


Wrike has 5 plans, two with set rates, and the other three are on a quote basis.

Professional – Up to 15 users, $9.80 per user / month.

Business – Between 5-200 users, $24.80 per user/month with volume discounts available.

The other three plans, Marketers, Professional Services, and Enterprise allow for unlimited users and are tailored to your unique needs, each leaning to their related area with various tools and optimizations.

Small teams of up to 5 people can. However, use their free plan.

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3. Monday.com

Monday.com was previously known as Dapulse but has been overhauled with a huge range of new updates, making it one of the premier project management software tools available.

The color coding and clean interface make this project management software accessible for pretty much anyone, and easy for project managers to set up for any size of the team.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (3)

Best Features

  • Unlike a lot of project management software, has an undo button
  • Has resource management tools
  • Gantt chart gives easy visualization
  • Workflows are highly customizable
  • Gives external clients and parties access to a portal
  • Map view feature for location-based tasks and or projects
Free trial availableAdditional users cost more for all plans
Kanban-style visual layoutCreating sub-tasks can be tricky
Can handle complicated workA steep learning curve makes it harder for beginners
Range of integrations (Slack, Excel, Jira, Outlook, etc..)One of the most expensive project management software on the market
Unlimited boards and users
One of the only project management software available in multiple languages (English, German, French, Dutch, and more)


There are four different plans for Monday.com, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Basic – $24 / month for up to 5 users

Standard – $30 / month for up to 5 users

Pro – $48 / month for up to 5 users

Enterprise – quote based

Individual entrepreneurs can use the software for free.

4. Plan.io

Plan.io is based on an open-source project management software, with a focus on engineering and project creation. It helps at every step from building a product to shipping it to your customer.

This project management software generates charts to aid you in monitoring the progress and performance of both your team and your products.

The collaboration and team sharing tools are great and make team chats a lot less complicated and get everyone on the same page.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (4)

Best Features

  • Activities can be tracked in real-time
  • An innovative mobile app gives you the flexibility to work anywhere
  • Team discussions are easy in the message forums
  • All team members can manage tasks directly from their phone or via email integration
  • Auto-generated Gantt charts give you an overview of your task’s progress
30-day free trial availableMore focused on the European market
Free daily backupsWorks best for product project management
A web-based platform so can be accessed anywhereLower cost plans have user, storage, and project limits
Secure with SSL encryption
Customer support via live chat and help desk
Can handle more than 100 projects


There are 5 plans available for Plan.io project management software, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Enterprise.

Silver – €19 / month (3 active projects, 5 users, 5GB storage)

Gold – €39 / month (7 active projects, 10 users, 20GB storage)

Diamond – €75 / month (15 active projects, 20 users, 40GB storage)

Platinum – €149 / month (40 active projects, 45 users, 80GB storage)

Enterprise – from €299 / month (100+ active projects, 100+ users, 100GB storage)

All these plans include SSL, updates, backups, and maintenance, customer support, unlimited issues and incidents, free imports of existing data, and more.

5. Backlog

Backlog is an online project management software and bug tracking tool, designed for teams and developers. It defines itself as an all-in-one project management app that brings code management and project management together.

Kanban-style boards can be used for quick and easy task tracking, Gantt charts and Burndown for project tracking, and custom Wiki style pages for sharing team knowledge.

Backlog makes it easy to track everything in one place with push notifications, comment history, and drag-and-drop. Works great as a project manager and for teamwork projects.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (5)

Best Features

  • The mobile app gives flexibility to work anywhere (on both Android and iOS)
  • Kanban-style boards and Gantt charts make project management more visual
  • Custom workflows and statuses for your projects
  • Bug tracking, project version control, and task tracking tools in one place
  • Built-in Git and SVN repositories
Has mobile apps and web access, so you can access the software wherever you needFree plan is very limited and more of an extended trial
Task tracking and bug tracking is great for coding tasks and projectsWorks best if you utilize all the functionality (bug and project management)
Easily document team information in one place with custom WikisLimits on each plan up to the most expensive one
Lots of useful integrations (Dropbox, Jira, LinkedIn, Atlassian, Zapier, etc..)
The ability to task and subtask makes organization easy


Backlog has four plans, Free, Starter, Standard, and Premium each with its unique limits which we will have a quick look at.

Free – 1 project, 10 users, 100MB of storage

Starter – $35 / month, 5 projects, 30 users, 1GB of storage

Standard – $100 / month, 100 projects, unlimited users, 30GB of storage

Premium – $175 / month, unlimited projects, unlimited users, 100GB of storage

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6. ProofHub

ProofHub gives its users all the project management tools you need in one tidy package that can help any business, project manager, and team organizes their projects and tasks with ease.

It is a viable solution for finishing and tracking projects efficiently and effectively, ensuring your projects are done on time and with accountability.

ProofHub is very user-friendly and defines itself as easy-to-understand and with a very short learning curve, so anyone can use it quickly.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (6)

Best Features

  • Cloud-based project management app
  • Multiple languages available
  • Can review multiple files at the same time
  • Group chats and 1-1s for easier collaboration
  • Kanban-style boards for easier project management
  • Highly secure software
  • White labeled so you can have custom branding
  • Proofing tool makes editing and feedback easier
No per-user fee and simple pricing plansDespite what it says, can be tough for beginners
Detailed tutorials and introduction to the project management softwareCertain tools and overly complex and hard to master
1 month free trial of the softwareWorkflows need a little improvement
Lots of command shortcuts for quicker workingThey don’t offer phone customer support
Tasks and subtasks are easy to allocate
Highly customizable


Here’s the price structure of ProofHub

$45 for 1-5 users

$90 for 6 to 10 users

$135 for 11 to 50 users

$248 for 51 to 100 users

You will get customized plans for more than 100 users.

7. GanttPRO

As the name suggests, this project management app is forced on using Gantt charts making it a highly visual project management software, which is easy for anyone to follow and understand.

These charts give an easy overview of your tasks, due dates, projects, team members, and priorities for your business. The best project management software will always let you work how you want, so with that in mind, GanttPRO also toggles navigation to be in a grid view, portfolio view, and board view.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (7)

Best Features

  • Time log reports and time trackers
  • Three different budget tracking options
  • Project templates (custom and standard)
  • Advanced user settings and permissions
  • Project management calendars, change history, and tracking
  • Time estimations and project duration
Easy project sharing to keep clients updatedPer-user pricing can be expensive for smaller companies
24/7 support via email with weekday business hours live-chat supportLacks advanced capabilities compared to other project management apps
Top-tier security with private VPN, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and SSLSome task management is a bit simplistic
Project managers can be the opener/closer to giving a single source/point of reference
Very user friendly and easy to use software
Economies of scale, so the price goes down for each user when you have more


The pricing structure is fairly simplistic which makes it easy to understand.

They have three packages. The basic plan costs $7.99 per user per month. You will get the pro plan for $12.99 and the business plan for $19.99 per user per month

8. ClickUp

ClickUp positions itself as one app to replace them all, and can really help organizations solve a lot of problems with one of the best project management apps around. It helps with docs, chats, timelines, reminders, tasks, projects, and more.

One of the best parts is not just its high profile client list, from Google to Nike, to Netflix, but its highly customizable interface, which can really be as much or as little as you need.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (8)

Best Features

  • Lots of integrations so it can link up with your software
  • Great contact management tools
  • Wide variety of templates
  • User friendly with drag and drop
  • Goal and time tracking tools
  • Ability to set priorities for projects and tasks
Highly customizableThe free version is fairly limited
Freemium plan offers flexibility for the project manager and companyCost is per person as opposed to fixed
Very customer focused
The dashboard is very straightforward
Customer service is really helpful


Outside of the free option, there are three paid plans for ClickUp.

Unlimited – $5 per person / month

Business – $19 per person / month

Enterprise – Quote based, tailored to your team’s needs

9. ProProfs Project

ProProfs is a straightforward project management app that focuses on keeping things simple and has a very simple learning curve. Taking away some of the more advanced tools and keeping things your focus on what you need.

The collaboration keeps your tasks on time, track, and organized, regardless of if your employees work local or remote.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (9)

Best Features

  • Has the ability to invoice, and create financial summaries
  • Great for budget management and managing expenses
  • Recurring tasks and templates make work simplified
  • ‘Task Dependency’ allows for bulk moving and customizing task dates and deliverables
  • Can set timers to keep track of work
Secure simple billing for all workDespite being branded as simple, the software can be tough for beginners
Instant file sharingThe forever free option is very limited
Gives an easy platform for collaborationOnly has a free trial period of 15 days
Can custom brand, access live training, and import CSV data
Easy integrations with lots of apps and software


There are three choices available for ProProfs

Essentials – $25 / month billed annually

Premium – $38 / month billed annually

Business – $49 / month billed annually

10. Workzone

Workzone is another option in the cloud-based project management software space, and the fact that it is white labeled, means businesses can have the app showing their own branding and logos.

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Outside of that, its core focus is on enabling simple collaboration between different work units and being a straightforward project management tool.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (10)

Best Features

  • Wide range of different templates
  • Extensive document management
  • Budget and expense tracking
  • Great integrations with a variety of apps, software, and plugins
  • The project management dashboard helps organize easily
Phone and email customer support available 24/7Pricing plans are all on a quote basis
Useful for companies who work with lots of different clientsCan be difficult for new users
Ability to create external accountsDoesn’t allow for an external client portal
Collaboration is really easyTime management isn’t very smooth


There are three choices available for ProProfs

Essentials – $25 / month billed annually

Premium – $38 / month billed annually

Business – $49 / month billed annually

11. Asana

One of the best project management software, named after the yoga pose, Asana is popular software that can run on Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

The addition of multiple languages makes it a really useful choice for your task management. There are a ton of integrations so it can really easily work around your other software and teams.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (11)

Best Features

  • Templates make it simple to create tasks for your teams
  • Custom fields give you access to metrics tracking
  • My Task list helps you focus on what’s on your plate
  • Over 100 integrations, one of the best in the industry
  • Automatic email updates on tasks
Easy priority tasks and visualizationLive chat and phone support aren’t available
Highly customizableDesignating teams tasks can be difficult
Instant updates and file sharing
Information sharing is effortless
Email training, tickets, and support


There are four plans for Asana:

Basic – Limited options, but is a freemium choice good for beginners

Premium – $10.99 / user per month (billed annually)

Business – $24.99 / user per month (billed annually)

Enterprise – Quote based option that can be customized to your needs

12. Trello

Trello is one of the best project management software and leans into the basic list-making formula, and although it's simple, it’s really effective.

It is a cloud-based app that makes task management really easy to understand and track, making it a really popular project management software. Tools are available for free on a basic option that helps you get a feel for the software.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (12)

Best Features

  • Easy to use with drag and drop
  • Lots of integrations with popular third-party apps
  • A voting tool is useful for quick planning and decisions
  • Inline checklists, editing, and attachments
  • Regular alerts and updates on deadlines
  • Unlimited personal cards, boards, and lists
Quickly syncs across all devicesThere isn’t a client portal available
Mobile optimized (iOS and Android)No phone support
User-focusedThe free option doesn’t have integrations
Sync with Slack for easy communication
Extremely customizable
Great for multiple teams and work


Trello has a simple pricing structure with three choices, free, business class, and enterprise, each with unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists.

Free – limited, but no user cap so great for beginners

Standard – $5 per user per month billed annually

Premium – $10 / user per month (when billed annually)

Enterprise – $17.5 / user per month (when billed annually)

14. Podio

Another web-based project management tool that is easy to use and implemented by a ton of prestigious organizations across the globe.

Podio leans more towards workflow management but still can hold up with other software, project management, or otherwise.

It also is in the minority, as it offers a free version, which not many project management tools do, albeit with limited project management features and options.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (13)

Best Features

  • Extensive task management features
  • Integrations with a lot of popular apps (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Etc..)
  • Highly secure storage with SSL certification
  • Great communications options for instant messaging, audio, video, and meetings
  • Work management features to keep your teams organized
  • Filter and reporting options
High level of customizationLack of good customer support options
Intuitive templatesCannot use markup tools
The free option is one of the best a project management tool offersTracking options are limited
Unlimited storage regardless of your plan, teams, or tools
Easy user interface
A great option for small businesses


One of the better-valued project management tools, with 4 different plans, here’s a quick breakdown of the options for this software.

Free – allows up to 5 users and has core features

Basic – $7.20 / month

Plus – $11.20 / month with automated workflows

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Premium – $19.20 / month with the full suite of advanced Podio features

15. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a project management solution that can help manage and organize tasks in a highly customizable environment and aids your ability to keep track of your teams, tasks and time.

It’s a web-based project management tool that is updated automatically and doesn’t need any downloading to get started. This project management software helps your team get more organized and manage a range of different tasks with ease.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (14)

Best Features

  • The time tracker feature helps with real-time tracking for work and resource management
  • Kanban boards help task management
  • Huge amount of integrations available (Dropbox, GitHub, Gmail, Zendesk, and many more)
  • Available as a mobile app for both iOs and Android
  • Utilize the checklist features to break down long lists into smaller pieces
  • Highly secure and safe compared to other project management apps
  • Easy project management tool for any amount of team members or business size
Fluid user experience and easy to usePhone support is not available for all plans
Workflow management aids in effortless team member collaborationDoesn’t have a Linux compatible version
Ability to set up recurring tasksSubtasks can’t be seen instantly
Highly customizableThere’s no native reminder feature
Shallow learning curve due to the tutorial videos and guides


There is a free version with limited functionality but can help give you a feel for this project management software.

Paid plans start at $4.19 per user / month up to $10.39per user / month. There is also a tailorable ‘Enterprise’ plan that can be suited to your business needs and flexible to your team members.

16. BaseCamp

One of the best project management solutions, Basecamp is used by teams across the world and is a cloud-based online project management software tool. It helps organize your teamwork projects in one place and eliminates the need for excess software.

Basecamp is great for resource management and segments your projects into smaller parts so you can focus on them separately. It’s a great and versatile project management tool and one of the leaders in the industry for project management. Teams of all sizes use this tool.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (15)

Best Features

  • Ability to share documents, spreadsheets, files, etc..
  • Lots of integrations available
  • Business metrics are easy to access via the Klipfolio features and single dashboard
  • Build-in file management for different projects
  • Great chat features for both individual and group chats
  • Efficient scheduling options
  • Has a variety of different project templates
  • Message boards help manage projects and aid in workflow management
Doesn’t charge more based on usersCustomer support is not available via phone
30-day free trialThe free plan has limited functionality
Works with Mac, iOS, Windows, and AndroidCloud-based software may not be practical for businesses who use in-house project management tools
Promotes collaboration between different teams and business units
Highly customizable to fit your project management needs


The BaseCamp paid plan is $99 / month, with a limited version available for free. VIP customer support is only accessible for the paid plan users.

17. Teamwork

Teamwork is a project management, team collaboration, and task management tool. It is web-based but is also available on iOS and Android. The free plan offers a good amount of versatility and the platform has a wide range of cloud-based applications too.

17 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022 (16)

Best Features

  • Has great integrations from Microsoft Office to Google Drive, to Hubspot, and more)
  • Teamwork Timer helps track time
  • Gantt chart view gives easy visualization of your project tasks
  • The chat option allows easy team communication
  • Ability to create tasks and sub-tasks
  • The dashboard is easy to customize to see key metrics


  • Free plan for up to 5 users
  • 30-day free trial
  • Great 24/7 customer support
  • Lots of free tutorials and guides
  • Uses Kanban boards


  • The interface is busy and cluttered
  • Has a fairly steep learning curve


Teamwork PM software has a free option for five users, then plans range from $9 – $15 per user per month. You can save up to 20% with an annual plan and there’s a quote-based plan option available for customization too.

Summary – Best Project Management Software 2022

Deciding on what is the best project management software for your business in 2022, is dependent on what you are looking for.

All of the project management apps and software on this list are viable solutions for any business, project managers, and any range of team members.

Hopefully, after reading the summary of each of these project management software you will know which is the best task management option for you and your teams and teamwork projects.

As most things in life do, it comes down to your needs, budget, and personal preference, there’s no doubt that all of these are great options, it just depends on what’s best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is project management software?

Project management software is a digital system that lets you view and manage all your team’s projects in a single online space.

What are the four main types of project management software?

The four main types of project management software are
– Desktop- It is present in your system and you pay an upfront fee for it. For example, MS Project.
– Web-based- It comes in the form of a web application. You can easily change the project-related activities.
– Personal- It is suitable for one user.
– Collaborative- Multiple users can simultaneously use the software.

What are the benefits of using project management software?

Project management software lets you manage remote projects effectively. You can assign tasks, track the completion of the projects, and maintain seamless communication with your team members.


What is the most popular project management software right now? ›

The 6 Best Project Management Software Tools of 2022
  • Best Overall: Trello.
  • Runner-Up: Wrike.
  • Best for Collaboration: Basecamp.
  • Best Value: Zoho Projects.
  • Best Features: LiquidPlanner.
  • Best for Big Projects: Microsoft Project.
13 Sept 2022

What is the most popular project management tool? ›

Here are the best project management tools:
  1. ClickUp. ClickUp is the highest-rated project management tool. ...
  2. Wrike. Wrike is an award-winning web-based application for project management. ...
  3. Asana. ...
  4. Trello. ...
  5. Workzone. ...
  6. ProofHub.
27 Sept 2022

What tools are used by PMO? ›

In the current scenario, PMO tools provide, but are not limited to:
  • Governance.
  • Project/program management.
  • Finance management.
  • Risk and issue management.
  • Time and task management.
  • Resource management.
  • Demand management.
  • Schedule management.

What is the latest trend in project management? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Automation

“By automating low-value-add tasks, project managers may focus their efforts and energy on tasks that will most dramatically benefit their businesses, allowing them to affect greater change, increasing the possibility of each project reaching its strategic goals.”

What are the four main types of project management software? ›

Types of Project Management Software
  • 1 - Desktop. There are two types of project management software available for project managers. ...
  • 2 - Web Based. ...
  • 1 - Collaboration. ...
  • 2 - Scheduling. ...
  • 3 - Issue Tracking. ...
  • 4 - Project Portfolio Management. ...
  • 5 - Document Management. ...
  • 6 - Resource Management.

How do I choose the best project management software? ›

How to choose project management software in 6 steps
  1. Identify your challenges and constraints.
  2. Create a list of top options.
  3. Test each app yourself.
  4. Test each app with your team.
  5. Get feedback from your team.
  6. Calculate and justify the cost.
11 Mar 2022

Which tool is popular in agile? ›

Jira Software is one of the most popular tools for project and issue tracking. It's particularly useful for user stories, epics, and bug tracking. This Agile development tool is mostly used by development teams and not necessarily by other business departments.

What is the best quality management tool? ›

Top 10 Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Greenlight Guru.
  • Qualio.
  • MasterControl.
  • SAP.
  • Arena PLM & QMS.
  • EASE.
  • ETQ Reliance QMS.
  • Intellect.

What are the 3 types of PMO? ›

Different types of PMO

In order of least support to most support, the three general types of PMO are Supportive, Controlling and Directive.

Is there a PMO in agile? ›

In a nutshell, an Agile project management office (PMO) is a modern take on project management techniques. Its purpose is to adapt quickly to our changing needs and world in ways a regular PMO simply cannot. Although many of the goals are the same, an Agile PMO makes projects more flexible than traditional methods.

What are the 3 typical roles for a PMO? ›

5 Important Roles Your PMO Plays
  • Standardization of the Project Management Process. ...
  • Support Project Implementation. ...
  • Provide a Consolidated View of All Projects. ...
  • Plan and Schedule Resources Efficently. ...
  • Strategic Portfolio Management and Governance.
13 Dec 2016

What are the 5 ms of project resources management? ›

The key factors of production that revolve around management are known as the 5 Ms of Management. They include – Manpower, Money, Materials, Machinery and Methods.

What are the five main project resources? ›

Project resources are components that are necessary for successful project implementation. They include people, equipment, money, time, knowledge – basically, anything that you may require from the project planning to the project delivery phases.

What are 7 keys of success in project management? ›

Seven keys to successful project management
  • Kickoff.
  • Identifying team players.
  • Escalation process.
  • Tracking.
  • Reporting.
  • Meetings.
  • Documentation.
10 Jan 2019

What are the key emerging trends of 2022? ›

Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2022
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) ...
  • Internet of Things (IoT) ...
  • Cybersecurity. ...
  • Quantum Computing (QC) ...
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ...
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) ...
  • Edge Computing. ...
  • 5G.
19 May 2022

What are the 5 methodologies? ›

5S stands for the 5 steps of this methodology: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. These steps involve going through everything in a space, deciding what's necessary and what isn't, putting things in order, cleaning, and setting up procedures for performing these tasks on a regular basis.

Is Excel a project management tool? ›

Microsoft Excel is often used as a simple project management tool by project managers working on small- or mid-sized projects to help visualize, plan, and monitor progress.

What is the primary tool for project planning? ›

Gantt Charts for Superior Planning

A Gantt chart is the most essential tool for the project planning process. Organize tasks, add their duration and they automatically populate a project timeline.

What do project managers look for in software? ›

Below are some essential features to look for when rolling out project management software for your teams.
  • Team Collaboration. ...
  • Task Management. ...
  • Planning and Scheduling. ...
  • Workload and Resource Management. ...
  • Document Management. ...
  • Monitoring and Reporting. ...
  • Enterprise-class Solution.

What are the three tools of scrum? ›

The three main roles in Scrum are: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Team Member. The Product Owner forms product vision and is the main source of tasks for the Scrum team.

What is difference between agile and scrum? ›

The key difference between Agile and Scrum is that while Agile is a project management philosophy that utilizes a core set of values or principles, Scrum is a specific Agile methodology that is used to facilitate a project.

What are the 7 TQM tools? ›

These seven basic quality control tools, which introduced by Dr. Ishikawa, are : 1) Check sheets; 2) Graphs (Trend Analysis); 3) Histograms; 4) Pareto charts; 5) Cause-and-effect diagrams; 6) Scatter diagrams; 7) Control charts.

What are the 7 quality management? ›

7 key quality management principles—customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making and relationship management.

What are the 7 tools of TQM? ›

They are:
  • Pareto Principle.
  • Scatter Plots.
  • Control Charts.
  • Flow Charts.
  • Cause and Effect , Fishbone, Ishikawa Diagram.
  • Histogram or Bar Graph.
  • Check Lists.
  • Check Sheets.

What is P3 in project management? ›

The term P3 is used to denote Project, Programmes and Portfolios (as defined within the APM Body of Knowledge), and P3M denotes Project, Programme and Portfolio Management.

What is the difference between PMO and project manager? ›

While a project manager is an individual taking care of a particular project from start to finish, a PMO is a team of specialists who work at an organizational level. A project manager's duties include defining project goals, data gathering, task scheduling, and managing the project's costs, budgets, and resources.

Who sets up a PMO? ›

Step 2: Hire a team

An experienced project manager can set up the entire PMO for you. Only when the PMO assumes its routine work (managing projects, reviewing project proposals, training first-time PMs) will you actually need a larger team.

Is Jira a PMO tool? ›

Yes. Jira, a tool developed by Atlassian, began as a software development tool, but it's now used for bug tracking, issue management, and as a project management software.

Is Jira a PMO? ›

Many companies do not realize, however, that Jira (which they use for production tasks management, error reporting and fixing processes, or another purpose) is also an ideal tool for PMO. Jira is most commonly known as a “bugtracker”, i.e. an instrument used for reporting errors in software.

Why PM is not Scrum Master? ›

While a Scrum master makes sure their team follows Scrum principles, project managers oversee the entirety of a project, including logistics like budget and risk. Scrum Masters can be project managers, and project managers can be Scrum masters, but they're not the same thing.

What would the main 5 tasks of a project manager be? ›

Specific responsibilities of the project manager

managing the production of the required deliverables. planning and monitoring the project. adopting any delegation and use of project assurance roles within agreed reporting structures. preparing and maintaining project, stage and exception plans as required.

What PMO does not do? ›

Most PMOs have no portfolio functions, do not take part in project selection and do not own project resources. However, the organization tends to continuously trickle more work, coverage areas, responsibilities and projects into the scope of the PMO, and the PMO finds itself having to manage more with less.

Is PMO an admin job? ›

A PMO administrator works across the projects that the office runs, offering administrative and secretarial support for the project and PMO functions. The title of administrator and coordinator are often used interchangeably in PMOs.

What are the 8 ms of management? ›

The internal effective 8 Ms are: management, material, machine, manpower, method, money, measurement, minutes; the external 2 Ms are: market and ministry.

What are the 5 cycles of project management? ›

Developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the five phases of project management include conception and initiation, project planning, project execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.

What is 5M management? ›

Production management's responsibilities are summarized by the “five M's”: men, machines, methods, materials, and money.

What are the 7 types of resources? ›

Every technological system makes use of seven types of resources: people, information, materials, tools and machines, energy, capital and time. Since there is limited amount of certain resources on the earth, we must use these resources wisely.

What are the 3 most important resources? ›

Three important natural resources are water, fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum, and forest and wildlife.

What makes a successful project? ›

Successful projects are those that 1) meet business requirements, 2) are delivered and maintained on schedule, 3) are delivered and maintained within budget, and 4) deliver the expected business value and return on investment.

What is the best project management software for my business? ›

How to choose project management software in 6 steps
  1. Identify your challenges and constraints.
  2. Create a list of top options.
  3. Test each app yourself.
  4. Test each app with your team.
  5. Get feedback from your team.
  6. Calculate and justify the cost.
11 Mar 2022

Is Microsoft Project still relevant? ›

Microsoft Project Management Software is undoubtedly one of the most powerful projects management tools on the market today. But it's only a viable option for businesses that fit into a specific category. It's generally better for medium to large organizations with a highly experienced project manager.

Which is PMP latest edition? ›

PMBOK 6th Edition has five project management process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing. These are referred to as the five stages of a project lifecycle as well. For each knowledge area, there are processes belonging to these process groups.

What project management software does Home Depot use? ›

About Buildertrend

Buildertrend is the leading cloud-based project management software tool used by home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors.

Does Excel have project management? ›

Microsoft Excel is often used as a simple project management tool by project managers working on small- or mid-sized projects to help visualize, plan, and monitor progress.

Why Excel is not good for project management? ›

Excel does not include key collaboration tools such as conversation tracking, file sharing, discussion boards, and task lists. Team members cannot easily check the status of a task or identify what they need to do next. They don't know the overall status of the project or if a teammate is struggling with a task.

What is MS Project now called? ›

It has features such as Gantt charts, kanban boards and project calendars for project management professionals. Microsoft Project is also known by other names such as MS Project or Project Professional, which is the software's current official name.

What is wrong Microsoft Project? ›

The problem is that Microsoft Project hides the complex calculations are going on in the background and often as Project Managers we start using planning software before we know what terms like Critical Path and Float really mean.

Is PMBOK 7 released? ›

Since 1996, PMBOK has provided aspiring project managers with the perfect companion to prepare for the PMP certification exam. The latest PMBOK edition, PMBOK 7, is set to launch August 1, 2021, and will include essential study material for prospective project managers.

Is PMBOK 6 or 7 better? ›

At the most basic level, one big difference between PMBOK® Guide 7 vs 6 is the sheer size of the printed book: PMBOK® Guide – Sixth edition is 756 pages compared to the significantly slimmed down PMBOK® Guide – Seventh edition at 274 pages.

Should I wait for PMBOK 7th edition? ›

Should I take the PMP® exam now or wait until the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition is published? We encourage practitioners to sign up for the exam as soon as they feel ready. The PMBOK® Guide is an input to preparing for the PMP® exam – and is listed as a reference – but it is not a test- preparation tool.

Who is the biggest competitor for Home Depot? ›

The Home Depot competitors include Ace Hardware, Hajoca Corporation, HHGregg, Walmart and Huttig Building Products. The Home Depot ranks 1st in Overall Culture Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Does Home Depot use SAP? ›

The Home Depot chose to migrate its SAP environment to Google Cloud to support both the velocity and scale needed for the business as well as critical analytics capabilities needed for its bold digital initiatives. “We chose Google Cloud to support our SAP implementation.

Why did Home Depot pull out China? ›

The company doesn't break out sales data by country, but data from Euromonitor shows that China accounted for only about 0.3% of Home Depot's annual net sales. Analysts say that Home Depot failed to do its homework on the Chinese market, missing the mark on consumer needs and culture.


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