I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 186 (2023)

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Chapter 186 – The Demon King’s Delivery Service


Myrril holds up the MAG on the gun mount and gives the order with a smug look on her face. I wonder if she likes to play the role of a military strategist. Just in case (they blurted out that it was hard to get paid because they weren’t working at all), so we asked the Battlecry to stand guard on both sides of the Griffon and proceeded slowly down the street.

Inside the fortress, where the battle was over, the hovercraft’s majestic appearance stood out terrifyingly. Although the engine is kept at a low speed, the huge hovercraft comes at them with a tremendous roar and blast, and I can see the guards of the capitol building bobbing and weaving inside the fences.

“Don’t worry; we’re soldiers in the employ of Lord McKin of the South! We’re here to rescue the council members!”

The voice of Myrril-san’s reached over the crackling sound of explosions, and it seemed that she had managed to suppress any intention to attack.

The fact that we had eliminated the invaders in front of the gate indicated that we were not the enemy, at least.

“Thank you, open the gate there. I have to unload some stuff as requested.”

The hatch was opened, and McKin-dono emerged, and the guards let him into the fence. After twisting the hull almost the full width of the main gate, we pass through the main gate, turn in front of the main entrance so that the MAG general-purpose machine gun is facing outward, and shut down the engines.

“Request a meeting with the council members.”

One of the guards runs indoors at McKin-dono’s request. We wait there, keeping a watchful eye on our surroundings.

“Most of the landed troops should still be there.”

“After that many kills, it’s normal for them to retreat and think of countermeasures.”

As Myrril and the fat lord were talking, a guard came running toward them.

“McKin-sama, the council members will see you now. This way.”

“Demon King and Her Majesty the Queen, too. Come with us.”

We followed McKin to the entrance.

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I asked the Battlecry and the Snow White Wolf Moff to escort the hovercraft. I tried to teach Colon or Eino-san how to operate the general-purpose machine gun, but they simply refused. My weapons are too much for an adventurer to handle, they said. Whether this was understandable or not, I did not know.

The inside of the hall where we were invited in smelled slightly burnt, perhaps a remnant of the fire that had been set. Furniture, perhaps used as a barricade, blocked the corridor, and hand spears and swords were propped up.

There seemed to be few weapons compared to the number of people in the hall. Some of the guards I noticed were carrying weapons converted from commodities.

“Demon King, are you open for business?”

“It depends on what you have. If it’s something taken from the pirate fortress, the bandit guild, or the bandits, I’m willing to sell it to you.”

“Very well.”

We were taken to a conference room on the back of the top floor. In a vast space the size of a small gymnasium, there was a round table about five meters in diameter. Surrounding the table were seven tired-looking, elderly men.

The ten or so guards standing by the wall tense up for a moment, then let their guard down when they see McKin’s face.

One of the men, facing the round table and sitting in what looks like a fluffy CEO’s chair, opens his mouth.

“…McKin. Thank you for coming.”

“I heard that the supplies you asked for were taken by pirates.”

“In that case, this is the demon…”

“How do you do? I’m a merchant, my name is Takifu.”

I’m going to take it over. If you keep saying “Demon King, Demon King, Demon King” all over the place, you’ll cause unnecessary trouble. Please don’t do it.

“I’ve received cooperation from the adventurers of Lafan, and I’ve recaptured the supplies.”


“I will do my utmost to help the leading figure of the Republic.”

“Where are the supplies? Are they on that mysterious ship… or is it a carriage?”

“No, I have brought them with me in my magic tools. Where should I put them?”

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From the movement of the guards who were gathering things, it seemed that they wanted them on the big round table and in an open space by the wall of the room.

It’s not a warehouse or something. Perhaps they intend to make this the final defense point?

Yeah. That’s fine, but I don’t know what supplies they need.

“McKin-dono, do you have a list of supplies or something?”

“No, but sell them what you have. Then I’ll cover the cost.”

After whispering in his ear, McKin pulled out a notebook and pretended to read from it.

“Swords, spears, arrows, and shields, right?”

“Oh, yes. We’ve run out of supplies.”

I take out of storage a few of the items I’ve taken in the past that are (relatively speaking) of good quality and condition.


On the round table are about three hundred swords and spears of the Kingdom’s army each. The rest are placed in an open space a little further away from the table. There are a hundred large bows and about two hundred arrow shafts. As for shields, there are two hundred small one-handed shields and one hundred large tower-shaped shields. There are a hundred chain mail and thirty pieces of heavy armor.

“That’s more than I’ve prepared.”

McKin’s muttering reminded me. There were also the original exports, right? Is that what we took from the pirate fort? Various weapons in wooden boxes and arrows packed in barrels. A simple wooden shield bound with rope. It seems as if they were all prepared in a hurry.

For some reason, the council members and the guards were taking notice of the first item. They did not pay any attention to the additional exported goods from the southern territory.

Then I realized why. But, well, it’s too late now.

“You, Takifu-dono, was it? This equipment belongs to the Kingdom’s army, does it not?”

“Yes. I am a former merchant of the kingdom. My stock of military supplies is mainly the surplus of the Kingdom’s army.”

Just by speaking without hesitation, the stench of suspicion can be deceptively masked. The council members nodded their heads in understanding. It’s not easy to distribute military equipment from other countries like that, though.

“What else, McKin-dono?”

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“Food. I want you to put out what you have over there that’s going to last a day.”

McKin looked at me as if to say, “Good luck with that. Don’t be unreasonable.” Sure, I’ll do it.

But of course, I’m not going to give them any of the food I bought from Simon’s, or the delicious meals I got from Casemaian or Wolf’s Tail Restaurant, because I don’t want to waste them. Just the locally produced goods that were among the supplies I took.

However, there are so many things in storage that I don’t know which of them are the supplies I took from the pirate fort. Let’s just push them all here at random.

There are things like hard-baked cookies in wooden barrels, salted dried fish, and various root vegetables that will last for a long time. Flour, beans, and salt in large barrels. A large number of smaller barrels held water, cheap grape wine as a substitute for water, and maybe some kind of spirits. Small bottles of what appeared to be medicines lined up in wooden boxes.

As I piled them up, the space by the wall that had been opened up quickly filled up. Frankly, they don’t look that tasty, so I’m grateful to be able to get rid of them.

“It’s wonderful. With this much, we should be able to distribute it to the public.”

“Takifu-dono. Thank you. With this, we can reorganize the defense of Casmeer.”

“The rebellion in the north and east has left us short of supplies.”

Though they are former allies, they are being starved to death. It’s a terrible thing to do.

“I heard that it was 4,000 gold coins, but isn’t that a lot?”

“No, the central territory is the foundation of the southern territory.”

He’s trying to show off his good side like he’s up to something. Well, that is a matter of politics, so I won’t get involved. I don’t need the supplies, so you can do what you want with them.

I thanked the council members for the deal and left, heading back down the corridor.

“It’s a rare occurrence for Takifu to work for the first time in his career as a merchant…”

“That’s right. I remember I used to be a merchant.”


When we turned around, there was a man standing there who looked like a clerk. A young office worker is pushing a cart behind him.

“Here are the 4,000 gold coins for the contract and the additional 2,000 as a reward.”

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“You take this, Demon King.”

The man pushes a wooden box of gold coins from the cart to me, and McKin-dono hands it over.

“It’s not to thank you for saving the Southern Territories. Nor for saving my life.”

“Speaking of which, it looks like McKin-dono will be safe and sound this morning.”

At Myrril’s words, the fat lord smiles shyly.

“Oh. Thanks to you, it looks like I’m going to be all right. I am truly grateful to you and the others.”

I put the gold coins into storage and left the doorway. When I returned to the hovercraft, Moff was licking Louis around, wagging his tail.

“…Hey, Moff, stop, pfft!?”

It may be breakfast time for the beasts, but from the side, it is completely sexual harassment.

“I’m done. Let’s go home.”

“I hope it works out that way.”

Tig muttered as he looked in the direction of the inner bay. The wall is blocking the view, so it is unclear what is going on, but a sparse sound like earth tremors can be heard.

“That sound is…”

It is the sound of bronze mortars firing. It must be the imperial fleet making its rounds.

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