Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (2023)

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (1)

Definition of Jira for project management

We know that basically Jira is used to manage the entire development process of the project, as well as it provides the different kinds of features to the user to manage the entire workflow of the project. In another word, we can say that Jira is based on the agile methodology such as scrum, kanban, or we can create any other unique board as per our requirement. The agile board provides different kinds of features to the user such as backlogs, and roadmaps, we can also be able to generate reports, sometimes we need to integrate other tools or applications, track the project issue, etc.

Overview of Jira for project management

It’s normal to ask, what is Jira? It began as an IT device, however presently it upholds many purposes, from the conventional task of the board to an IT tagging framework. It covers the venture and the board fundamentals with a thorough devices suite, for example, project arranging, task creation, the executives, and detailing.

The Jira stage supplements coordinated projects the executives rehearse. Use Jira related to the dexterous functions to take advantage of the apparatus.

I frequently projected my group’s Jira task list on a screen when we met for run arranging and other deft occasions, and it worked perfectly to get the group in total agreement while smoothing out these gatherings.

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In programming improvement specifically, the customary task of the executives has been reinforced by new strategies, for example, Agile, which centers around the constant conveyance of working items to clients. Today, Agile administration is an umbrella term, and a few subordinate techniques have arisen. The two most striking sub-techniques are Scrum, which stresses arranged work in short runs, and Kanban, which highlights a little stream of work things those outcome inconsistent arrivals of expectations.

The constant deliveries (made conceivable by iterative work runs) give successive conveyances of working items to the client. Thus, these continuous item deliveries — with client audits — permit groups to surface deviations from prerequisites and different issues prior to the improvement cycle, which can assist with keeping away from cost or asset invades.

Why use Jira for project management?

Now let’s see why we use Jira for project management as follows.

Jira has numerous capacities and assuming it’s feeling the loss of an element you really want, add it by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace, an internet-based store where you can track down outsider programming to enhance Jira’s center abilities.

One venture in the board model is the Trello-Jira incorporation. This component permits groups to execute projects with their favored apparatus, and information naturally adjusts between the stages. Let’s see the different features of Jira as follows.


Basically, Jira workflow plays an important role in project management and it is one of the important capabilities of Jira because it is used to show the entire process of the organization, provides control over the task, and tracks the issue. During the development phase, a single task goes from the different stages such as the pending stage, in progress, and completion stage when work is completed. So the Jira tool allows us to manage the entire workflow as per the organization’s requirements. If the organization wants to review the stage then we can add the review stage.


This is one of the very important capabilities of the Jira tool, normally all projects need the report to track the entire progress of the project. With the help of the Jira report, we can track the team member’s work, as well as we can also discover project bottlenecks. Jira provides the different types of reports as shown in the below screenshot.

(Video) HOW TO USE JIRA | Free Agile Project Management Software (Jira tutorial for Beginners)

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (10)


Jira has the capabilities to identify the repetitive tasks and progress as well as it also helps to calculate the team’s time and effort. Jira allows us to customize the automation rules as per our requirement such as email trigger after completion of task etc as shown below screenshot.

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (11)

Creating a New project management

Now let’s see how we can create a new project in Jira as follows.

Here we use Jira free cloud, so first, we need to enter our work email and site that name that we want and click on agree on the button as shown in the below screenshot.

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (12)

This step we need to follow for the first time. After that, we get a new screen to add the project details such as name and click on create project button as shown below screenshot.

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (13)

After that, if we want to add a team member then we can add as per our requirement. After the creation of the project screen, we can see a created project on the dashboard as shown in the below screenshot.

(Video) Jira Project Management | Introduction to Jira | Project Management Tools | Great Learning

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (14)

How to use Jira for project management?

Now let’s see how we can use Jira for project management as follows.

First, we need to configure the project as per our requirement, Jira provides the different templates to configure the project such as the kanban project management template or we can use built templates such as scrum, bug tracking, project management, and task tracking, etc, to manage the workflow of the project as shown in below screenshot.

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (15)

In the second step, we need to do the project plan. Jira provides the functionality to manage the project plan based on the timeline of the project or we can say that roadmap. To create a project plan we need to apply the breakdown structure to identify the entire progress with the timeline. In Jira we are also able to manage the issue and track the task, basically, in the project plan, the roadmap is used to manage the timeline of the team as shown in the screenshot.

Jira for project management | Guide to Jira for project management (16)

In the third step we can set up the team to initiate the project execution, basically, we cannot provide entire Jira access to every team member, as per their requirement we can provide access, permission, or any other relevant information.

Tracking Jira provides the different tools to track the project progress, Jira provides the default features that do not meet our needs and we need to integrate some third-party tools as per our requirements.

Finally, we have the project completion step after the completion of a project and once we reach our goals we wrap up the project which means archiving the project from the dashboard.


With the help of the above article, we try to learn about Jira for project management. From this article, we learn basic things about Jira for project management and we also see the integration of the Jira for project management and how we use it in the Jira for project management.

(Video) JIRA Project Management Tutorial for Beginners (2022)

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(Video) Jira Project Management Tutorial | Jira For Beginners 2022


Does JIRA have a project management tool? ›

Jira Software is an agile project management tool that supports any agile methodology, be it scrum, kanban, or your own unique flavor. From agile boards, backlogs, roadmaps, reports, to integrations and add-ons you can plan, track, and manage all your agile software development projects from a single tool.

What are the concepts of JIRA project management? ›

JIRA is an Incident Management Tool used for Project Management, Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking and Workflow. JIRA is based on the following three concepts – Project, Issue and Workflow.

How does project manager and JIRA work together? ›

Jira is primarily used for issue tracking, but that doesn't mean it's limited solely to that purpose. Jira can also serve as a general project management platform to help you plan, track and manage your agile software development projects, without having to do much extra work or install any third-party software.

What is the best way to learn Jira? ›

6 Best JIRA Online Courses for Beginners to Learn in 2022
  1. Jira Crash Course | Jira Fundamentals for Agile Projects. ...
  2. Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus) ...
  3. JIRA Fundamentals [Pluralsight course] ...
  4. Agile with Atlassian JIRA [Best Coursera Course] ...
  5. The Complete JIRA Agile Project Management Course.

How long does it take to learn Jira? ›

How long will it take to learn Jira? Most people who use Jira require at least 10 hours of training before they feel comfortable with all the different features available.

Is Jira project management tool free? ›

Of course! We offer a Free plan for Jira Software for up to 10 users, 2GB of storage, and Community Support. If you'd like to add more than 10 users or get access to more support and storage, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial of our Standard or Premium plan.

Which project management tool is best? ›

10 Best Project Management Tools (Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing)
  • Asana.
  • Trello.
  • Workzone.
  • ProofHub.
  • MeisterTask.
  • Monday.com.
  • Teamwork.
  • Podio.
Jan 6, 2023

What are the three parts in a Jira workflow? ›

A Jira workflow has three basic components: statuses, transitions, and resolutions.

Can you create Gantt chart in Jira? ›

Jira includes two roadmap tools to create Gantt charts for your projects: Roadmaps, which creates plans around Jira issues assigned to a team, and Advanced Roadmaps, which does the same thing across teams and organizations.

What is the standard Jira workflow? ›

A Jira workflow is a set of statuses and transitions that an issue moves through during its lifecycle, and typically represents a process within your organization. Workflows can be associated with particular projects and, optionally, specific issue types by using a workflow scheme.

Can a Jira project have two workflows? ›

Workflow Scheme (required):

Allows you to link multiple workflows to your JIRA project, one for each issue type if desired. Remember that the default workflow scheme might have some functionality that you don't want.

How do I track project progress in Jira? ›

You can monitor the progress of a team as they progress through a sprint to ensure that they're on track using the Time tracking function. By tracking the team's progress, you can then update the target end date set using the board estimation function as needed.

How do I track multiple projects in Jira? ›

To track requirements across multiple Jira projects, you can create an issue in each project – and then relate them together. You can have one requirement issue being “owned” by a specific project and then close all the related issues once you test them or decide to apply changes.

Is Jira agile or waterfall? ›

Even though Jira is officially an agile project management system, purely agile projects are rare in real life. Most project managers still practice waterfall project management to an extent.

Can a non technical person learn Jira? ›

Well, the answer to the first part of your question is yes. Jira can effortlessly be used by non-software teams too. It's because it organizes any kind of work in simple, easy-to-follow issues and tracks them across workflows so that all the members of the team are on the same page.

What is difference between Jira and Jira agile? ›

Here's a review of what we've discussed: Agile is a way of working on projects; Jira is a tool teams use to manage and visualize the work of a project; Jira can be configured to match a team's continuously improving processes; A Jira issue is an item of work identified by the team; Project boards visualize a team's ...

How much does Jira course cost? ›

Rs 3200. The Jira Basics for Users, managers, and Administrator course will cost you around Rs 7500. Jira Crash course will cost you Rs 6500. The Jira certification costs around Rs 20000.

How many hours is 1 day in Jira? ›

In Jira, Working hours per day in Time tracking settings influence the time format display and the meaning of the day in e.g. estimating or sprint planning. (1 day is 8 hour vs. 1 day is 6 hour, etc.)

How long does it take to master Jira? ›

How long will it take to learn Jira? Most people who use Jira require at least 10 hours of training before they feel comfortable with all the different features available.

How do I manage agile projects in Jira? ›

Setting up an agile project in Jira is simple:
  1. Go to the “Projects” drop-down and select “Create Project”.
  2. Choose your project template under the “Software Development” tab. In our case, it is a Kanban template or a Scrum template.
May 3, 2021

How is Jira used in scrum? ›

The scrum framework enables software teams to manage complex projects by creating a culture of collaboration. The Jira scrum board is the tool that unites teams around a single goal and promotes iterative, incremental delivery.


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