Library Website: Predatory Publishers/Journals: How to check predatory publishers (2023)

Cabell's Predatory Reports

Formerly known as Cabell's Blacklist, this is a searchable database of journals whose practices have been identified as being deceptive. The Predatory Reports analyze publication by over 60 indicators to document exploitative publishing practices. KAUST library offers a campus-wide subscription to this resource. Please contact library @kaust. edu. sa, in case of any difficulties or if you need training.


(Video) Know Moore About: Predatory Publishers

A checklist for researchers to ascertain whether a journal is a possible predatory journal.

OASPA - Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

OASPA screens all members on integrity, quality, and transparency. Check if a publisher is a member of OASPA.

(Video) What are the predatory journals and Jeffrey Beall's List

COPE - the Committee on Publication Ethics

COPE provides guidelines for integrity in research and publications.

List of Predatory Publishers

(Video) How to identify the predatory journals?

A list of possibly disreputable journals and publishers, but it's unclear if the criteria are indeed legitimate. ONLY use in combination with other options.


QOAM is a market place for scientific and scholarly journals which publish articles in open access.

(Video) Predatory publishers and journals | UGC Public Notice | eSupport for Research | 2022 |Dr. Akash Bhoi

(Video) Identifying Predatory Publishers


1. How to Determine if a Journal is a Predatory Publisher
2. Publish and Perish? How to Spot a Predatory Publisher
(Office of Scholarly Communication, Cambridge)
3. Predatory journals
(Commerce Concepts and Research)
4. Deceptive or Predatory Publishers: What They Are & How to Evaluate Them
5. Webinar How to Spot a Predatory Publisher
(Office of Scholarly Communication, Cambridge)
6. How to Identify Predatory Journals. Stop publishing in predatory journals.
(Knowledge & Entertainment Bd)
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