Transforming business processes for operational effectiveness - [PDF Document] (2022)

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Streamlining your complex business processes with Steria

(Video) Process Discovery: The starting point for your digital transformation journey | SAP Community Call


  • 1. A Steria Capability Overview Transforming business processes for operational effectiveness Streamline your complex business processes with Steria
  • 2. Did you know... Steria has more than 30 years experience in business process transformation dating back to a systems modernisation project for the Danish Tax and Customs agency in the 1980s We have a network of consultants dedicated to business process transformation Steria is the leading European-based provider of shared services, recognised for high-quality delivery of value-added and complex business transformation services Our NHS Shared Business Services joint venture with the UK Department of Health is driving transformation in Finance, Procurement, Employee Services and Primary Care Services to improve service quality and achieve challenging cost savings We are supporting one of the largest change programmes in the European public sector in a strategic partnership with Norways Labour & Welfare Administration (NAV) We are the major shareholder in Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL), a joint venture with the UK Governments Cabinet Office that will transform the way shared back office services are delivered across the UK public sector Steria is ranked the No 1 provider of outsourced Finance & Accounting services in the UK according to NelsonHall Global BPO Market Forecast 2014 Steria succeeds in developing solutions that constantly lift our processes and support our business goals. Thomas B. Skrddergaard IT manager, Development & Projects, Sampension, Denmark 02 | Transforming business processes for operational effectiveness
  • 3. Strategic ChangeEmbedded ChangeProcess Intelligence Methodology (PIM) Steria Groupe 2014TOM DesignContinuousImprovement & InnovationServiceGovernanceService Delivery& TOMTransformationReporting& InsightTransition Planningand Due DiligenceBusiness Visioningand RequirementsChange the BusinessRun and Transform the BusinessTransition Business processes are central to the running of any organisation; from key front office customer-facing services right through to crucial back office support functions that power your enterprise. Evolving the way you operate these processes can create significant business value: pulling out cost, speeding up response times and enabling you to create competitive advantage. This competitiveness requires unprecedented levels of business agility, control and transparency. Thats why improving the effectiveness of your business support services is so vital; enabling you to respond to change and improving performance through faster decision making and implementation of key decisions. Organisations are subsequently seeking to address organisational silos, overlapping business processes and lack of governance. Transforming your back office support services can result in significantly improved business outcomes. But how do you achieve this, especially when your organisation is resistant to change? How do you ensure that all your processes, whether technology or business, come together in support of your corporate strategy? Roadmap to transformation Steria can help. A trusted transformation partner, we combine traditional change management, business services and IT experience with operational process knowledge and industry expertise. This allows us to deliver mission-critical transformation projects across Europe. Our proven Process Intelligence Methodology comprises the key stages of: Business visioning and requirements Target operating model (TOM) design Transition planning and due-diligence Transition to your new ways of working Service delivery and TOM transformation Reporting and Insight Continuous Improvement and Innovation Service Delivery This approach ensures that together we build a future operating model to support your business priorities. It is a model driven by a personalised roadmap guiding you through each step and measuring business benefits along the way. Our proven methodology is built on (and informed by) practical experience gained over the last 13 years, ensuring transformation is successful. You benefit through highly agile back office services that can flex as your business changes. We have successfully helped clients: shorten cycle times for completing key business activities; improve customer service; significantly strengthen compliance and control; and run the back office more effectively. We have also made it possible for clients to cut the resources required to achieve targeted objectives, enabling them to boost operational efficiency. New or improved processes are helping to create business capabilities, increase back office agility and support strategies for customer centricity across Europe. Drive competitive advantage with business processes How do you address the organisational silos and overlapping business processes that threaten your business agility? Did you know... Steria works with Cleveland Police in the UK, transforming its operating model through a Police Shared Services Partnership that is delivering cost effective, efficient and citizen-focused policing. Transforming business processes for operational effectiveness| 03 Sterias Process Intelligence Methodology
  • 4. Business processes are constantly being adapted, whether due to regulatory change, difficult economic conditions, technological advances, or increasingly demanding customers. Speed-to-market is slowed by inefficient processes. To embark on a transformation journey, you need to know where you are now and where you are going to tomorrow. Can you measure how well you are currently performing and assess this against what good looks like? Are you planning to expand into different markets and geographies? Are you looking to digitise tasks to transform your service delivery? Sterias business design services cover all the process work required to understand your current operational model in detail and to move your organisation to its target operating model. Streamlining business operations for greater efficiency Do you need to modernise your operating model to gain competitive advantage? Is your ability to respond efficiently to rapidly shifting customer, partner or supplier requirements in need of a boost? 04 | Transforming business processes for operational effectiveness Business transformation We draw on our track record in supporting continuous process improvement and business transformation projects as we deploy our methodology in the following services: Operational performance reviews allowing our clients to visualise and follow up improvements Detailed process design looking at each activity level in an organisation Business process mapping allowing us to document and visualise our clients work processes and systems and create the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that can then be change controlled Benefits realisation where we deploy Lean Six Sigma methodology and automation to undertake continuous improvement of the functional processes as part of our ongoing services management. Key benefits include cost reduction, better customer focus, performance-driven metrics and focused leadership Service delivery and governance, for which we offer reporting dashboards to make our service visible, analytics tools to measure the vast volumes of data we process, and a rigorous, collaborative governance process to keep people and services on track. We will establish what you need to do to treat your business operations as assets that directly contribute to enterprise performance by driving delivery excellence and business agility. Or well manage operations on your behalf. So you benefit from streamlined business operations to achieve significant effectiveness savings and reduce expenditure. Our business design services give you the building blocks for enhancing enterprise productivity and giving you competitive advantage with a clear return on investment.
  • 5. Did you know with around 280,000 customers, Sampension manages pension schemes for employees in municipalities and central government in Denmark. Steria custom made a solution that integrates case management, customer service and document management systems with product and policy systems to create transparency and improve quality in Sampensions handling of customer cases. Transforming business processes for operational effectiveness | 05
  • 6. Organisations use a combination of manual and automated business processes. As technology advances and service providers invest in models to optimise work, how efficient are these processes today? Do they enable your strategic objectives or are they a barrier to change? What does manual error cost your business, and what does having multiple versions of the truth cost in terms of risk and oversight? Steria has views on what good operational design looks like. We work with organisations in both private and public sectors to roadmap tailored solutions to these problems. We can determine what is currently working well and whether new or upgraded technology and automation will help. You can rely on us to capitalise on our knowledge and capability across a range of business and technology areas to support the move to your new target operating model or to undertake this for you. We help you achieve this with process automation, improvement and re-engineering and operatio
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