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Terp sauce is a high-potency cannabis extract that is absolutely loaded with terpenes—chemicals that are responsible for the incredible smells offered by cannabis strains.

It doesn’t seem like a day can pass without a new invention being born out of the collective mind of the cannabis scene, rising to the forefront of attention and changing the game. With such a rapid pace of evolution and high stakes competition, products need to stand out in both their potency and unique qualities.

Terp sauce ticks all of these boxes, and has genuinely brought something new to the scene that is exciting, flavourful, medicinal, and just straight up cool. This dense source of terpenes is surely going to alter how these molecules are viewed, valued, and used in the future.


Terp sauce, or more accurately and scientifically known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE), is a high potency cannabis extract that is extremely high in aromatic terpenes. This potent sauce may contain over 60% more of these tasty and smelly molecules than standard shatter or wax products.

If you are a relatively experienced cannabis smoker, you will be very well aware that different strains of the herb offer varying tastes, smells, and sensory experiences. But why is this? Do different growers add different potions to their soil mixes? Does weed grown in different climates or altitudes end up having a better taste to it?

Well, the answer simply boils down to chemistry. Terpenes are plant-based compounds found all throughout the plant kingdom, and are largely responsible for the aromas emitted by certain species.

Ever been on a walk in the forest and been amazed by the stunning scent of a pine tree? Well, that’s produced by the terpene pinene. Do you appreciate the refreshing scent of freshly sliced lemon? That’s down to the terpene limonene. Have you ever been grateful for the powerful smell of eucalyptus that helps to clear the effects of a cold? That’s because of eucalyptol.

The stunning scents of many different cannabis strains are purely down to terpenes, with breeders focusing on these in order to bring out certain aromas or flavors. Myrcene is often responsible for the mango scent detected in some strains, whereas linalool contributes lavender aromas.

The creation of terp sauce has now made it possible for cannabis enthusiasts to double down upon the flavors that really make their cannabis ingesting experiences special for them. Every smoker has a strain that they enjoy more because of its terpene profile, and terp sauce allows for huge doses of them in a small time frame.


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Terpenes aren’t only responsible for the delightful smell of Skunk, Diesel, Blueberry, Strawberry, and so on, but they can actually play a crucial role in altering the psychoactive high experienced from certain strains. And not only this, as many of them also come along with unique medicinal properties that range from anti-inflammatory, to antibacterial, to pain relieving.

The sheer potency of terp sauce offers cannabis users the opportunity to really get to know the terpenes that are responsible for the traits of their favorite cannabis strains. Plus, it also offers smokers to take advantage of the entourage effect in order to manipulate certain elements of their high and to take more control of it.

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The entourage effect is basically a synergy that occurs between different chemicals within the cannabis plant. Research shows that synergy may occur between different cannabinoids and terpenes to boost medicinal value. For example, a synergy between limonene and CBD may be more effective in cancer cell apoptosis. Also, myrcene along with CBD may be more powerful at blocking inflammation.

Also, some terp sauce creations are full spectrum extracts, using strains higher in certain terpenes will enable users to start getting creative with their cannabinoid and terpenes combinations to achieve their desired outcomes.


So, terp sauce is an amazing source of medicinal and therapeutic compounds. But can it still get you high? Fear not, potheads. Just because the sauce is orientated around high amounts of terpenes, it can still contain large quantities of THC.

In fact, depending on the terpenes included, the high may be different or even stronger than those offered by other extracts. Some crafters out there estimate that their products may contain up to 40% THC, making them extremely potent.

Depending of the original plant material, terp sauce can also be made to contain high levels of medicinal CBD, making it an excellent choice for those wanting to introduce more terpenes into their health strategy.


Terp sauce is quite a unique extract. This is mainly due to its incredibly high quantity of terpenes in comparison to other products. Many extracts out there focus on sheer potency when it comes to the psychoactive high offered by THC or the medicinal relief offered by CBD.

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Terp sauce offers large amounts of therapeutic terpenes, yet can be modified to contain high amounts of cannabinoids too, depending of the desired outcome.


Terp sauce is made using butane hash oil (BHO) extraction techniques. The process uses plant material in its fresh form, or that which was frozen quickly after harvest and is therefore still relatively fresh. Using fresh material like this has massive advantages, as the terpenes may begin to degrade quickly after harvest due to their volatile nature.

The BHO extraction method starts off with filling up an extraction tube with the plant material until the tube is air-free. A mesh screen or fine filter is then placed over one end of the tube. The tube is then held over a dish and butane is forced through it. The liquid that emerges on the other end and into the dish should have a gold quality to it.

Next up is the purging process, which is used to remove the valuable oils. Purging for terp sauce is done slightly differently and is often dubbed “diamond mining.” The gold liquid is placed within a cool and dark place for up to a couple of weeks.

During this resting phase, a separation occurs, with terpy diamonds rising to the top. The remaining liquid is then removed and purged separately using heat.

This liquid should be placed into a Pyrex dish and onto an electric heating pad with heat applied to it. If the liquid is still cloudy, then butane is still trapped within.


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Terp sauce can be consumed like many other extracts. Possibly the most popular way of ingesting terp sauce is to dab it. The sauce can also be consumed in a very discreet and easy manner through portable and desktop vaporizers.

If you like to keep things old-school and thoroughly enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a packed joint or blunt, why not add some terp sauce to the endeavor?

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The consumption of terp sauce is most likely incredibly safe. Terpenes are associated with a plethora of health benefits that may positively affect various medical conditions and ailments.

Just because terp sauce is concentrated around terpenes does not mean that it is weak by any stretch of the imagination. Caution should be exercised when dabbing or vaping the sauce, especially if you are relatively new to smoking weed.

Perhaps the most sketchy aspect of terp sauce is making the stuff. The BHO extraction process uses highly flammable substances and should only be carried out by those who have the right tools, and are quite experienced and competent. Also, there is some concern about residual butane contaminating the extract if not purged properly.


How is terpene sauce made? ›

How is terp sauce made? Terp sauce can be made using a variety of processes that extract terpenes from the cannabis plant. Like cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.), terpenes can also be extracted from the plant. This can be done using solvents like butane, hydrocarbons, or CO2.

How is Terp sauce extracted? ›

Terp sauce uses a solvent-based extraction technique, similar to the one used to create marijuana wax, that forces a solvent through the flower after it has been flash frozen. This preserves the terpenes and releases the resin in the flower, a cannabinoid and terpene-rich substance that can be further processed.

What is the difference between live resin and Terp sauce? ›

Appearance and texture-wise, live resin will contain visible crystals and an almost gritty texture, where terp sauce has a cohesive, thick liquid texture. The more liquidy the sauce, the more terpenes it contains. Terp sauce is more potent and contains more terpenes than live resin, making it more flavorful, too.

How is sauce dabs made? ›

How Is Sauce Made? Sauce is made similar to other concentrates by using solvents like CO2 or butane for extraction and a purging process. However, the way that sauce is processed is what makes it so special. For starters, the purging or extract removal process takes much longer than other concentrates.

What is Terp sauce made of? ›

Terp sauce is made through a similar extraction process to the way other concentrates are made. Producers will typically use BHO, ethanol, CO2 and a handful of other solvents to 'blast' some high-quality cannabis flower to filter and extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material.

What is live terpene sauce? ›

Live resin sauce, also known as terp sauce or just “sauce,” is a new popular form of cannabis concentrate. Live resin has been rising in popularity in recent years because of the strong aroma and flavor granted by a high terpene content.

What's better live resin vs sauce? ›

If sauce is made from cured flower, it will generally have fewer terps. And if sauce is made from fresh flower that's been frozen, it is technically a type of "live resin" and will generally have a stronger flavor profile.

Is Terp sap the same as RSO? ›

RSO is similar to CO2 oil, Distillate and Terp Sap because they all can be consumed the same way. There are many ways to consume RSO. It is edible. You can squeeze a little bit on to a cracker and bam you have an edible saltine.

What's the difference between distillate and sauce? ›

Terp sauce retains the cannabis strain's original scent and effects, except in a more concentrated oil. While distillate comes as a clear and viscous oil, terp sauce contains the impressive crystal cannabinoids. Terp sauce can be consumed in a traditional glass dab rig.

What is the difference between shatter and sauce? ›

Whereas shatter is hard, sauce is gooey, with a liquid-y, applesauce-like texture. Another difference between the two is that sauce is left to age. A natural separation will occur between the major cannabinoids and the terpene-rich portion of the extract.

Is Terp sauce Decarboxylated? ›

Terp sauce is also extremely potent. High levels of THCA crystals decarboxylate when exposed to heat.

Is Live resin stronger than dabs? ›

Live resins will not necessarily have a higher THC content than any other kind of dab. However, the flavor difference between live resin and distillate is astronomical. Because live resin contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, the high tends to feel more distinct to each strain.

Does terpene sauce get you high? ›

Terpenes are valuable to cannabis concentrate users as they are thought to yield an entourage effect, which makes the compounds in cannabis even better at providing you the buzz or effect you desire. It is one of the main reasons terp sauce has become more popular over the past few years.

Whats better live resin or sugar? ›

Which is Better? Live resin and sugar wax are quite on par with each other when it comes to potency and flavors. Still, live resin is likely to contain higher terpene profiles, however, both of these forms of concentrates are much tastier than shatter or even budder.

Can you put Terp sauce in a joint? ›

You can also add terp pearls, made from sapphire, to your banger which helps with more consistent and efficient heating of the terp sauce. Other choices include portable and desktop vaporizers, a dab or terp pen, a vape cartridge known as a sauce cart or simply add it to your joint or blunt.

How do you Decarb Terp sauce? ›

Preheat oven to 250°F. Empty loose concentrates into the glass jar and close. Place the filled jar onto the sheet pan and decarb for 45-60 minutes. Most of any residual solvents should be out of the product after this time.

How do you get Terp sauce out of a jar? ›

Scrape it

With liquid concentrates like BHO or terp sauces, it's exceptionally difficult to get every last drop out of the container. The best way to tackle these messier concentrates is to scrape all the edges with a scraper tool, like your dab tool or a rounded metal nail file.

Can you put Terp sauce in a cartridge? ›

Terp sauce vs.

On the other end of the concentrate spectrum is the versatile distillate oil that can be used in a variety of cannabis products. Its odorless and tasteless form allows manufacturers to infuse it into pre-filled vape cartridges and add flavors or terpenes.

What is the difference between shatter and sauce? ›

Whereas shatter is hard, sauce is gooey, with a liquid-y, applesauce-like texture. Another difference between the two is that sauce is left to age. A natural separation will occur between the major cannabinoids and the terpene-rich portion of the extract.

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